Tuesday, March 30, 2021

 Chris Church

Game Dirt

Big Stir

This creative, original power pop take on Neil Young, with some CSNY and Drive By Truckers in the mix too, takes all three to new places, especially Neil and CSNY. This is impure power pop, and all the better for it. 

The lyrics, about the nuances of relationships, are direct and plainspoken, and very emotional at times. "Trying," for instance, is about a complicated relationship, but one that works out. "Smile" and "Sunrise" are just about how good life can be. 

This album is the indie side of Americana, and wouldn't it be wonderful if it got to be at least as popular as the Truckers, or perhaps the Old 97s? Or maybe Neil himself? That's how great this album is, and well worth the time to listen, so open your ears to a new sound.

Andrea Weiss

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