Sunday, September 5, 2021


Come Clean Right Now

Sofaburn Records

The new album from the duo of Kate Wakefield on electric cello and Daisy Caplan on drums expands their sound from their last album, All The Kings Horses.

Some songs are political, like “Sugar Pill”, and give voice to the unease around us right now. Then there are songs about romantic and sexual obsession, like “Air”, which hit even harder than the political songs. Whoever Wakefield is pining away for, they should go to her; she wants them, she'll be good for them, so let's do it.

Wakefield has outfitted her cello to play like an electric guitar. It is a very good sound, a unique one, and Caplan's powerful drumming augments it well. And all without any pretensions whatsoever. For all the art-punk here, they don't put on airs. They are just honest, direct, clear, and emotional in all the right ways, like not going overboard with it.

If I could write a Top 10 list now, this would be a strong contender for Album of the Year. That's how good it is, so I'd get it, and hear something wonderful and truly different.

Andrea Weiss

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