Tuesday, October 5, 2021

 The Rockinghams

Makin' Bacon

Power Popaholic Productions

This remixed, remastered version with added tracks is almost like a new album. Jim Basnight and two of his long-time friends, Jack Hanan and Criss Crass play nicely punky power pop, melodic and rocking, crunchy, yet smooth.

All the songs have something to recommend them, but a few stand out. “Python Boogaloo” is a blues song about being a cool cat. “Hello Mary Jane” could be about pot or a beautiful woman that walks Jim's way. “Miss America” is about love as a nightmare. The album features some of the best songs he's written, all about love in various stages of happening.

I suggest taking a chance here, as I've heard enough of Jim's work to know he's got the goods. This is a great album, one of his best, and it could be that, with time, these song will be become classics. Let's hope so.

Andrea Weiss

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