Friday, June 21, 2024


Circus For Sale

Big Stir Records

This delightful folk/folk rock/baroque pop album, which also is tough in a very subtle way, is perfect for quiet times, mornings, and twilight. The Vermont duo of Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson recorded the album in their barn, including vintage instruments in their arrangements, and with help from UK violist Rachael Birkin and New Hampshire’s Aliento Chamber Players.

The lyrics are subtly dark, with songs about the pandemic, struggling through life, and even a murder ballad, “Man Of Poor Fortune.” “Green Grow the Laurels” is traditional folk given a modern spin, and a good one. I was already familiar with this song, but their version makes it sound new.

Folk music, in any form, will always survive and thrive, because people are constantly reinventing it. Hungrytown is the latest, and they stand out for their willingness to blend in other types of music. There are even hints of power pop. It's all very appealing, always interesting, and always good. Recommended for those who know folk, and those who don’t. Let this be an introduction to folk music, and you can take it from there.

Andrea Weiss

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