Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 Big Stir Singles: The Ninth Wave

Big Stir Records

The latest singles collection from this power pop/college rock label delivers more goodies: songs that are meaningful and fun to listen to for adults, and young people who wish they were older.

While the most meaningful lyrics concern relationships, these songs rock them. Some examples are “PRN” from the Persian Leaps, Nick Frater's “Let's Hear It For Love,” the Brothers Steve with “Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin,” “Star” from Mike Daly & The Planets, and Irene Pena's two Fountains of Wayne covers, “It Must Be Summer” and “The Summer Place.”

The fun ones include Jim Basnight with “Best Lover In The World,” Nick Frater's cover of “Alone Again (Naturally),” and Dolph Chaney's “Be My Old Fart.”

College rock and power pop really have evolved into punk rock for adults, but young people can enjoy it, too. So if you want to hear the adults rock, and realize how youthful and great this music still is, start with this comp, then go for any of the albums on this label and you'll hear all of this in a new way.

Andrea Weiss

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