Sunday, May 9, 2021

 The Forty Nineteens

New Roaring Twenties

Big Stir Records

This energetic garage/power pop band is a lot of fun to listen to and has some very smart lyrics.

Some of these tracks have been issued as singles, such as “Tell Me” and “Late Night Radio,” on which Tony Valentino does a cameo, and make any net or off line radio station jump around. “I'm Always Questioning Days” is a good political song, but is also more than that, as one question is “Where do we go after we're gone?”

Matt Colleran and Nick Zeigler were in the popular 80s/90s college rock band Mary's Danish. Remember “Don't Crash The Car Tonight,” their hit? I always did like that band.

If you want a fun album that will make you bounce around the room, or just to listen to and be happy, this is a great album to do it to.

Andrea Weiss

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