Saturday, May 29, 2021

 The Bablers

Psychadilly Circus

Big Stir Records

Influenced by everyone from Tom Petty to ELP to Stevie Wonder, Finland's The Bablers' US debut on Big Stir is stunning psychedelia – melodic, trippy, smart, and very pop.

And that's just the songs that rock. "Child of War," "Singing With The Bluebird," and "Where Were You My Friend" are straightforward folk songs, showing how much they've been influenced by bands like Fairport Convention. "Child of War" is anti-war, and questions what can be done to help children caught up in war. These three songs are gentle, meaningful, and "Child of War" is also heartbreaking.

If you want some great music that says a lot, that's also good for listening with headphones while taking a walk, this is a good album to get. And may this band find a wide audience in the US.

Andrea Weiss

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