Monday, August 30, 2021

 This is a new band for me, but a welcome find, as I am always looking for good pop to listen to. I suggest you find them too, starting with this interview. Nick was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Andrea Weiss: Could you give a short musical history of how the band formed and got together for the single?

Nick Plunti: I’ve been playing music for almost 50 years (started before I could talk), but this band came together because Jeff Hupp asked if I was looking for a bassist. Turns out I was looking for a whole band, which Jeff put together.

AW: Who are your influences?

NP: Earliest musical influences would have to be the Beatles and The Monkees, soon followed by The Stones, The Who, Raspberries, Slade, Aerosmith, Elvis Costello, The Cars, R.E.M. The Replacements, Fountains of Wayne and it goes on and on. Always finding something new.

AW: I hear Matthew Sweet in these songs, which is great. Is he an influence?

NP: Of course. Girlfriend was a big influence. Love Matthew Sweet.

AW: The songs are very feminist, which I like, too. Did the lyrics just lend themselves to that?

NP: Thank you. Well, I was raised by Mom, who was divorced with four children. She was my voice of reason and I always had the utmost respect for her. She was tough, smart and was always there for us. And I have three daughters, so I definitely can see things from the female perspective.

AW: Any word on the upcoming album?

NP: We have 10 songs tracked, hoping to finish the vocals and overdubs this fall. And maybe try to come up with a couple more songs that may bump out a song or two.

Nick Plunti & The Complicated Men

One Of The Boyz/Heat Inside Your Head single

JEM Records

The A side, "One Of The Boyz," is Matthew Sweet meets Fountains Of Wayne in style, with overtly feminist lyrics: a friend giving a woman friend advice on how to handle guys. It's empathetic and it rocks.

"Heart Inside Your Head," by contrast, could have come from The New Pornographers' Electric Version. It's catchy power pop with clever lyrics.

Taken together, it's a great single, and a taste of more to come, as the band has an album in the works.

Andrea Weiss

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