Monday, November 8, 2021

 B. Hamilton

Nothing and Nowhere

Sofaburn Records

As the title says, these songs are about urban and suburban decay, dislocation, rootlessness, and on “North San Juan,” the feeling of not belonging anywhere. But they never wallow in all of this, it's just grim reality to them, the best kind of grimness.

The music is mellow, hard rock, almost stoner rock, soothing in its own way, and meaningful. It gives the lyrics more weight, and will make you think.

“45 and Straight,” though, is a bit of departure. It's about a certain kind of Trump supporter, the overlooked, suburban office worker, who listens to right wing talk radio or right wing podcasts in his car on his lunch break. While the band expresses empathy for the character, they make clear that they don't like or endorse his politics, especially on race.

This is very different and good hard rock. I like the way it'll make you think. So much music doesn't. But this does, and you will remember those thoughts and this powerful album long after it's over.

Andrea Weiss

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