Thursday, November 4, 2021

 Paige Beller

I'll Be Better

Sofaburn Records

It is a relief to hear someone out and proud have neither women's music nor glam rock in their sound. What Beller's music is instead is clear, direct, simple, yet complex, indie rock, and it's wonderful. She is a multi-instrumentalist, who also plays drums, bass, and synths. But to hear an out lesbian play electric guitar, rather than acoustic folk, is great, and makes her different, fresh, and original.

Lyrically a little Kristin Hersh, some Tegan and Sara, but all Beller's own in the end, these songs are mostly about coming up short in relationships, wanting more, knowing there may not be more, but wanting to stay if possible, so you make do with what you have. “So Much Water,” “Brautigan,” and “9:30” are good examples, and also show how good a guitarist she is.

So if you want some good indie rock that puts a fresh spin on lesbian relationships (or relationships period) in a tough, clear-eyed way, this album is for you.

Andrea Weiss

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