Saturday, October 3, 2020

 Big Stir Singles: The Seventh Wave

Big Stir Records


What’s striking about Big Stir’s latest singles compilation is how much meaning it has. Every band on here has something really good to say, with no irony, just sincerity.


There’s love, like Carol Pacey

& The Honey Shakers' “If Romance Is Dead Then I Want To Be Dead Too” and “Love Does,” or Kai Danzberg’s “Let Him Go” and “Let Her Go (2019 demo).”


But a lot of these songs are political, too, like Broken Arrows' Byrds-like “The Worst Of The Rest,” which is anti-Trump and a lament for the US.


Then there are songs that don’t fit into categories, such as The Forty Nineteens' “Late Night Radio” or The Corner Laughers' “The Calculating Boy.”


But listen to all of them. They all have something to say, whether going full tilt or quitter, whether psychedelic like Rick Hromada’s “Dreams Of A Hippy Summer” or quiet like Nick Frater’s “Intro.” They’re all great and deserve to be hits.

Andrea Weiss

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