Sunday, October 11, 2020

 Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes


While this band is new to me, I had heard Leslie's 90’s band, It’s Me Margaret, and liked them. The Lazy Heroes is a great band, as well, one of the best I’ve heard this year.


Leslie was kind enough to answer a few interview questions for me, and I thank her. And I echo her message here to vote, and to respect older people who marched before for today's equality.



Andrea Weiss: How did the band form?


Leslie Pereira: Jeff Page (drums), Paula Venise (backing vocals), and myself were in a band together in the 90’s. I put together a garage band to work over a new sound I was channeling. I had about 12 songs I wanted to record with legendary producer Earl Mankey. When it came time to record, I decided that Jeff would be a better fit for the drumming parts. He thought his buddy Rob Lontok would be a better fit for the bass parts. We sounded so good together that the rest is history.



AW: Who are your influences?


LP: Rock, hard rock, '90s rock, country, pop, surf, and punk. Anything guitar driven!



AW: Your sound is very '90s alt-rock (say, Sleater-Kinney) mixed with the early Go-Gos and the Pandoras. Would you say you also mix in today’s music?


LP: Yes, I love the single-string guitar sound with Rob’s driving bass tone. Jeff seems to always find ways of doing something different in every song. Three piece bands are very hip and today, very now.



AW: Some of your lyrics are about same-sex relationships. As someone who’s out, it is always great to hear lyrics like that. Would you say that’s the case for you, too?


LP: I like hearing the truth, it’s very attractive. I’m not into “tricking” people anymore for the sake of a old-school record label's wishes. Paula and I know that all too well – of course. It’s offensive, not attractive, to lie to your audience. Writing UNI-Sex lyrics is sexy. I like that. Doesn't everyone? And of course Big Stir wouldn't ask us to change a thing about who we are and what we sing!



AW: Who are the other two vocalists?


LP: Leslie is the main vocalist (that's me)! Paula is the female backing vocalist, featured on “So Hard” (and my wife). Jeff sings lead on “Slip” and backing vocals on everything else. Rob sings harmonies as well!



AW: Your literature says you are out, which is wonderful. Do you want to say anything to the LBGTQA community? 


LP: VOTE! Be nice to the oldies that marched the streets ahead of you for equality.



AW: If you could tour with anyone, when concerts resume, who would it be?


LP: Anyone from Big Stir Records. They have really good taste! I have my favorites, but I think it would be really fun to do a whole lineup together.



AW: What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out in music?


LP: Listen to music, learn your instrument, take a songwriting course, go out and support local live music, play in front of people, and rehearse your butt off.

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