Sunday, October 11, 2020

 Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes

Good Karma

Big Stir Records


This LA punk/hard rock band 's second album, their first for Big Stir, is equal parts Sleater-Kinney, the Go-Gos, rockabilly, and the Pandoras, with Karen Basset from the Pandoras as engineer. They combine all these influences very well.


Lyrically half it’s half relationship songs and half life songs, like the title track, “Time To Rock,” and one funny one, “Race Car” Relationship songs include “I’m Waiting,” “Coraline (Where Are You),” and “In My Backyard.” While these songs are same sex, they are meant for everyone.


This is a great album to rock out to, but also to think to. It’s a lot of fun, but also serious, always a great combination. You can't go wrong with an album this enjoyable.

Andrea Weiss

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