Sunday, November 15, 2020

 Allyson Seconds

Bag Of Kittens

Big Stir

Originally released in 2009, it just now is getting reissued. It's produced byAnton Barbeau, whose new album Manbirdis terrific; he shines here, too, with his clear and direct production.

The music is college rock, and singer/songwriter reminiscent of Amy Rigby, but it sounds fresh and new. There isn't a hint of retro, as in the original era of college rock, the 80s. The lyrics, about relationships, are smart, wise, and mature.

The standout tracks are anthem-like--not so much fist pumpers as joyous statements of purpose. One is “Dig My Pig,” with its invitation to follow her. Another is the title song, where playing with kittens is a metaphor for big decisions and the passage of time. The four new tracks with Anton are wonderful, especially the psychedelic “Octagon” and “Neil Young Song.”

This album deserves to be heard by everyone. This kind of music isn't made much anymore, and it should be. If you want something fresh, different, and great, this is the album to get.

Andrea Weiss

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