Saturday, November 7, 2020


Live At The Grotto

November 6, 2020

I reviewed Lung's album for Sofaburn last year, All The Kings's Horses, and really liked it, so when I had the chance to tune into this live concert stream, I did.

Kate Wakefield on electric cello and Daisy Caplan on drums are a unique type of duo--almost hard rock, very experimental, symphonic in their own way, and great. There are no flashy moves, and they don't need them. They just play.

Some songs were from Kings, and they all sounded fine live; they do unease very well. Their anti-rape song “Brock” is bracing and powerful. Others were new, and fit right in.

Daisy opened one with a short drum solo, and a good one. I like the way Kate sings--she reminds me of Kristin Hersh--and her cello looks a lot like an electric guitar, but one that's white and open.

Kate used some vocal loops, as well, for an operatic effect, adding to the hard rock as classical music vibe, which was very likable.

The show ended with a heartfelt round of thanks to everyone involved with putting Lung on, and I liked how understated the ending was, partly because of that, and also that this is unpretentious experimental music, the best kind.

Andrea Weiss

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