Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 Jim Basnight

Jokers, Idols, and Misfits


This covers album, which features songs by everyone from The Who to The Sonics, is also an answer to a question: where did punk rock go?

These covers are classic punk rock--snarling guitars, vocals with attitude, well-played but loose--and are much more enjoyable than, say, mainstream alt, which is too dancy and soft rock to really be an alternative like this album is.

Every cover has something to recommend it, and here are the ones I like the most: the jazz take on the Turtles, and also inspired by The Byrds, “You Showed Me;” my all-time favorite Who song, “I Can See For Miles;” the funky, almost rap version of Stories' “Brother Louie,” also inspired by the Left Banke (the two bands had the same lead singer, Michael Brown); and a great version of the Beatles' “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

So if you want to hear some good covers and are in the mood for punk rock, this is the album to get.

Andrea Weiss

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